Harmonic Acoustic System

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Isolated floors, walls and ceilings

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Wood has always been used in architecture,because of its unique features and warm, organic appearance. It is an organic, natural material for the creation of original, elegant, natural environments.

Harmonic Timber Acoustic Panel System gives you the potential to create environments with high demand on design and appearance as well as the ACOUSTIC. Real wood finish and acoustic characteristic give auditoriums, conference room, hall, airports and other public places an exclusive feel that lasts for years.

Harmonic Timber Panels can be provided with all the customary wood veneers and colours. The wide spectrum of variations in veneer facing and edge conditions is sure to meet all individual interior design and installation requirements of wall and ceiling areas.

Solid wood panels have a relatively low Noise Reduction Coefficient and reflect most of the sound striking then. This often limits the use of wood in areas when noise reduction or speech privacy is important design issues. To improve the NRC of wood requires the creation of openings in the wood for sound waves to pass through. When perforation are minimally 10% or greater an NRC rating of 0.75 - 0.90 can be achieved with sound absorbing materials.

  1. Perforated panels have become economical. The choice of percentage open and perforation patterns are many and affordable.
  2. Curved panels can be used to diffuse sound e.g. acoustical reflectors.
  3. Offers the beauty of real wood with superior acoustical performances.
  4. Easily installed in conventional grid systems.
  5. Available in 6 systems for ceilings or walls
  6. Available in custom sizes, finishes and perforation patterns.
  7. 24 standard wood species available
  8. Class A fire rated systems available

Harmonic Aken for Ceiling


Harmonic Ceazer for Ceiling

Harmonic Davy for Ceiling



Harmonic Helio for Wall & Ceiling

Standard for Walls:



Harmonic Nuro for Wall & Ceiling





Harmonic Pureo for Wall & Ceiling


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